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Pro Flyers (Advanced)

If you have accumulated more than 15 minutes of flight time or if you are a skydiver, you are a Pro-Flyer.

Join the Pro Flyer club!

We launched the Club Proflyer Madrid Fly with benefits for those who fly the most.

Do you love to fly and want to do it more often? We want to make it easier for you.
Make yourself comfortable in one of our proflyer rooms:

  • Rest on one of the sofas
  • Get organized with the tables, blackboard and screen where you can review your flights.
  • Keep your provisions in the fridge to be to the fullest on your flights.
  • End with a warm shower that will get you ready for the next activity.

In this launch we offer you a special price and we have opened new schedules to give greater availability of flights.

Offer conditions:

  • The price per flight hour is €600/h*
  • The minimum purchase is 1 hour per shopping cart.
  • For every 10 hours purchased, 1 extra hour will be added to the account.
  • The maximum flight power will be 80%*
  • The account owner must always be present during the flight of his time.
  • Transfer of time between accounts is not allowed.

*To consider:

  • For speeds greater than 80%, €3/minute will be paid at the end of the session (Minimum 1 minute and counting full minutes)
  • Due to force majeure factors such as fluctuations in the electricity market or other factors, Madrid Fly reserves the right to refund the amount not flown as well as the bonus hours.
  • The time can only be flown within the proflyer schedules enabled for your flight.
  • If you want to make large amounts of flights in the same day, you must request in writing to the address Each case will be evaluated independently.

Frequent questions:

Who can join the Proflyer Club?

Any flyer who has flown with us. The minimum purchase for this package is 1 hour of flight.

Do I have to purchase the 10 hours in bulk to get the free extra hour?

No, you can go making individual purchases and when you get to 10 it will be added manually.

Can I fly without having experience?

For your safety, the first minutes of the flight must be with a coach. You can come with one or hire our basic coach (€12.5 for 15min).
But we recommend you hire one of our courses where we will do a personalized follow-up week by week with exhaustive analysis of your flights.