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Pro Flyers (Advanced)

If you have accumulated more than 15 minutes of flight time or if you are a skydiver, you are a Pro-Flyer.

I want to be a flight instructor

Madrid Fly regularly hosts  Flight  Instructor Courses  with Certification from the Tunnel Instructor Organization.

The procedures of this organization  guarantee and recognize  that the highest safety and quality standards are met in this activity.

Tunnel Instructor is the largest organization in Europe that ensures the safety of flyers and the continuous training of all wind tunnel professionals.

The most common tunnel instructor categories are:  Spotter A, Spotter A+, Spotter B.

These categories allow an instructor to safely guide and supervise the first flight of any person.

You will learn how to safely control other fryers, this will be your primary role. However through time and training your instructors and flying skills will increase immensely.

To become a good instructor and a good flyer, it takes time, patience and repetitions, something you need to get through the course.

To get any title, you must pass a practical exam and pass the physical tests. Participating in an instructor course does not guarantee passing the exam or earning the degree.

After years of experience, Tunnel offers a guide to estimate the hours of training that a person needs to obtain the degree.

An inexperienced person needs approximately 10 hours of training inside the tunnel.

A Class A Flyer needs approximately 9 hours.
A Class B Flyer needs approximately 6 hours.

In cases where there are 3 candidates of a similar level in a course, some of the tunnel time can be shared, which helps to consolidate the concepts learned throughout the course.

Essential requirements to access the "Flight Instructor Course"

-Visit and find out about the organization.

– Watch the Class A Flyer, Class A Spotter and Class A Spotter 2 videos and read the Course Material in detail. Spanish version

– Candidates must have knowledge at a theoretical level (read the Course Material previously reported) and be able to pass the Fitness Test.

Completion of course

All successful candidates will receive:

– Full certification with official certificate and instructor patches.

– Signed off on the Tunnel Instructor Organization webpage.

Tunnel Instructor merchandising.

– All guaranteed with ours Chief Examiners (Brendan O’Rafferty, Alberto Fuertes) and Examiner (Max Porra) at our facility.

Become a flight instructor

If you are interested in becoming a flight instructor or you need more information about the flight instructor course, please send us an email to