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Madrid Fly is one of the best wind tunnels in the world and the largest in Europe

Our company


The origin of Madrid Fly takes place in the year 2009 when the spanish Alberto Fuertes, three-time world champion in skydiving and runner-up in indoor skydiving, has the great idea of ​​building the largest wind tunnel in Europe in Madrid, seeing that this last discipline is still unknown in our country.

In 2010, after having visited all the wind tunnels in Europe and working as an instructor and/or operations manager in some of them, he began to collect information on what he considered could be improved. Meanwhile, he sought out the team of Spanish engineers that are now part of Madrid Fly, KeelWit Technology, to design solutions applicable to each of the problems detected.

Thus, thanks to the experience of the entire team and especially the co-founder of Madrid Fly, Isaac Prada and Nogueira obtained from their work at Renault Formula 1 and Airbus, it has been possible to build the best wind tunnel in Europe, which is equipped with technology 100% Spanish.

In 2011, Jerónimo Rosa, founder and CEO of EYDISA (Estructuras y Diseño S.A.), and since then majority investor, joined this project, who never hesitated to show his support from the beginning of this ambitious project. His entrepreneurial profile and his more than 32 years of experience in the world of construction meant that Madrid Fly obtained the last push necessary for its materialization in the search for diversification of its business.

Finally, in April 2011, Madrid Fly was officially established and the research, development and innovation work began, which has led to the filing of several patents linked to our wind tunnel.

The participation of EYDISA, a leading company in the field of calculation and execution of reinforced concrete structures, responsible for the execution of more than one million square meters of buildings, has been vital for the realization of Madrid Fly, a work of great technical complexity.

Madrid Fly is the first facility to see the light of this new and innovative EYDISA business line, which has also had the support of a small group of private investors for the construction of what is already considered the best free fall simulator in Europe.

Our mission

Have you ever wanted to FLY? Maybe you have dreamed it?

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to make this dream come true.

This activity is for everyone. That is why at Madrid Fly we want to give you an UNFORGETTABLE experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

There is always a first time for everything, and we want yours to be to fly with us!

Our vision

The Madrid Fly team wants to provide excellent flight training camps for both beginners and professionals. Queremos que todo el mundo pueda practicar el deporte de volar sin riesgos, con todas las garantías de seguridad y profesionalidad de nuestro equipo. It is an innovative and motivating experience that will fill you with life and that you cannot miss.

Our values

We are a newly created Spanish company, we believe in the importance of work and effort, and based on these ideas gravitate the values ​​that define our company, which are the following:

“Respect, effort, teamwork, concern for providing the best service to our clients and attention to detail. We care about everyone’s opinion and we always take them into account to improve our practice. We seek professional excellence in everything we We value the people who make up our team above any other business priority, because Madrid Fly is made up of fellow wind lovers, all full of enthusiasm and desire to carry out an innovative project full of ambition…”


Do you think Madrid Fly is the biggest wind tunnel in Europe just because of its size?

We believe that we have a responsibility to our environment and society, both the company and the people who proudly make up this family.

For this reason, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility program whose mission is to offer and allow those groups or people who cannot do so for economic or mobility reasons to live the Madrid Fly experience.

We have the vision of being the benchmark wind tunnel at a European level in social matters and in order to achieve this our role is to transmit and put our values ​​into everything we do: Passion, Involvement and Commitment.

For this, Madrid Fly and its technical team dedicate a great effort, in solidarity, to carry out sponsored actions that can meet our objective.

Everyone has the right to fulfill a dream: FLY.

That is why Madrid Fly is the largest wind tunnel in Europe.