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Fun Flyers (Starters)

If you have less than 15 minutes of flight experience, you are a FUN-FLYER.

Become a Pro Flyer

A “Proflyer” is a person who has accumulated 15 minutes of flight time and can fly autonomously without the need for an instructor to hold them.

There is a great journey in the world of experienced flyers, once you are autonomous we will accompany you in your progression to be an expert in the field.

What do the courses include?

Individual courses of 15 minutes with tickets of 2 – 2.30 minutes, which include the rental of all the necessary equipment to fly safely, the accompaniment of a certified instructor, theoretical class before the flight and the videos of your free session so you can evaluate your flights together with the instructor.

You can see the courses by clicking HERE

Do you want to become a Pro Flyer? This is your ideal plan!

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All of our Starter / Fun-Flyers packages consist of:

Theoretical-practical training course (briefing)

Rental of overalls, helmet, glasses, earplugs and all the necessary equipment to fly.

Accompanied at all times by a professional instructor, qualified and certified by the Organization "Tunnel Instructor"

The possibility of buying photos and video of your flight.