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Madrid Fly is one of the best wind tunnels in the world and the largest in Europe

Wind tunnel

Why is Madrid Fly the best wind tunnel in Europe?

The vast investment in Research, Development and Innovation (I+D+I), together with the use of the highest quality materials, has resulted in the Madrid Fly tunnel working efficiently, providing optimal airflow that allows flyers to experience flight in a comfortable and relaxed way.

The Madrid Fly wind tunnel allows everyone to experience free fall without having to jump out of a plane, in a safe environment and under the supervision of qualified instructors.

The air that keeps you flying is adjustable and its speed oscillates between 180 and 300 km/h, which allows flyers to develop all kinds of movements, depending on their experience and abilities.

Madrid Fly technology is 100% Spanish. A multitude of engineers, experts in metallic and concrete structures, architects, builders, designers, skydivers and tunnel instructors, have worked for more than 4 years to design the first wind tunnel in Spain with totally Spanish technology and investment.

Madrid Fly is a tunnel with a flight chamber 4.6 meters wide and 17 meters high, 8 of which are made of glass, making it easier for the public in the facility to observe those who practice this sport.

Some of its details, such as the air cooling system, reflect the pioneering spirit of this project. These and other innovations have led to the patenting of the most powerful and efficient cooling system ever made for a vertical wind tunnel. Without it, the air would heat up by friction by 0.5 degrees per minute as it circulates at 300 km/h through the tunnel ducts.

The Madrid Fly team of engineers and architects has studied each part of this tunnel using ANSYS Fluent, having previously made a 1:50 scale model to later make a 1:5 scale prototype of the system, in which the air reaches 300Km/h, being the highest in the world for this type of business, in order to guarantee the perfect operation of it.

All this makes Madrid Fly the largest tunnel in Europe and the most modern and innovative in the world.

Madrid Fly has not invented wind tunnels, but it has definitely improved and perfected all its components and enhanced its performance.

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