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Wind Tunnel

Madrid Fly's tunnel dimensions are bigger than average.

The flight chamber is the largest in Europe known to date, with 4.6 meters of diameter (15ft) and 18 meters high. In fact, up to 8 meters are glass walls. This big glass chamber is perfect for spectators, assuring great entertainment for everybody.

Absolutely nothing has been left to chance and Eydisa put and still puts a lot of effort into research and development. They built a mockup scaled 1:50 and a prototype scaled 1:5 that reached real life speeds of up to 300 km/h.

For the construction and in order to guarantee the best experience for the customers of the tunnel, only the best materials and providers were used.

With adjustable wind speeds between 180 and 300 km/h Madrid Fly can easily accommodate both beginners and experienced flyers who want to practise a variety of moves according to their different levels.

Although the concept of building a wind tunnel is not new, Eydisa Wind Tunnels is unique in its striving for perfection.

By improving most existing tunnel designs and technologies and adding revolutionizing details like an original and patented cooling system, Madrid Fly became the world's most modern and advanced wind tunnel project. It is also 100% Spanish technology and investment.

In case you are interested in knowing more about the technical details of the tunnel, or in case you are interested in buying our technology, please contact us through info@eydisa.com