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Terms & Conditions

1. Protection Data

According to the 15/1999 Law of December 13th of Data Protection, by entering Madrid Fly you give your consent for the treatment of the personal data given by you. This information will be incorporated to the Personal Data List of Madrid Fly S.L., registered in the Spanish Agency of Data Protection. Your information will be used for administration and commercial purposes.

You have the right to access, modify and cancel this information as established by law by written communication, attaching a copy of your I.D/ Passport to the direction below: Madrid Fly, S.L – Avda. Ntra. Sra. Del Retamar nº16 – Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid).

2. Booking

2.1 No bookings can be made if they are not paid in full.

2.2 Booking exists when Madrid Fly informs the buyer of this fact.

2.3 No refunds are made.

3 Payment

3.1 All bookings must be paid in full, in advance using a credit or debit card, gift voucher or in person.

3.2 Failure to pay before the specified deadline will result in the booking being canceled automatically.

3.3 Bank transfers will only be accepted for payments of over 150,00€. Bank transfers may be accepted for bookings made more than 30 days in advance.

3.4 Any additional bank charges must be paid by the customer when paying by bank transfer.

3.5 Customers must use your booking reference number as the Bank account reference.

3.6 For fraud protection customer may be asked to present either the card used to pay or a form of personal ID.

4 Gift vouchers

4.1 If the customer is using a voucher, it must be delivered at the reception desk.

4.2 If the customer does not bring the voucher, he/she will not be able to take part in reservation unless another purchase is made.

4.3 Vouchers expire 6 months after purchase date.

4.4 Vouchers from external suppliers have their own terms and conditions which may vary from Madrid Flyt's own policies. Please check with your voucher supplier.

5 Cancellations, Rescheduling

5.1 All indoor skydiving customers must arrive one hour before the time of the flight reservation.

5.2 If the customer miss the pre-activity briefing, he/she will be unable to take part in the flying and will not be reimbursed.

5.3 Cancellations are non refundable.

5.4 For reschedule first-timers´s flight time a notice period of 24 hours or more is required.

5.5 To reschedule pro-flyers´s flight time of more than 30 minutes, a notice period of 72 hours or more must be given.

5.6 For bookings and to reschedule pro-flyer´s flight time of 60 minutes or more a notice period of 72 hours per hour booking is required. (So for example to cancel 3 hours 9 days notice must be given)

5.7 When reschedule a booking a modification reference number will be issued and sent to the customer, who will have to inform at the reception desk.

5.8 No booking modification is made without the modification number from Madrid Fly.

5.9 For reschedule or cancel a flight time only written requests on info@madridfly.com are accepted.

6 Arrival times and check in

6.1 If it is your first time participating in Madrid Fly you must have a briefing before you can fly (this will take place bout an hour before your booking time).

6.2 If you miss your pre-activity briefing you will be unable to fly and your purchase will not be reimbursed.

6.3 All participants or accompanying adults, will be required to complete an acceptance of risk form, ability to fly form and acceptance of Madrid Fly´s policies form.

7 Under 18’s

7.1 Under 18’s must be accompanied by accredited parents or legal guardians.

7.2 Accompanying adults are responsible for their wards at all times whilst on site.

8 Videos and photos

8.1 The provision of video footage and photos are considered a separate service to the activities, video and photos are not included on the flight reservation.

8.2 In the event of video footage or photos being unavailable no rescheduling or reimbursement of flight is possible.

8.3 If the USB is defective, the customer can return it within 24 hours and Madrid Fly will replace it with a new one.

9 Indoor Skydiving

9.1 Weight restrictions are in place for flyers. The maximum flying weight is 120kg.

9.2 Customers who have purchased flight for more than one person at a time may not be able to fly together due to the weight and size difference of the flyers. In the event that two persons have difference in size and/or weight, Madrid Fly's instructors will make the decision to fly them separately within the same allotted activity time.

10 Bulk Time Discount

10.1 If experienced flyers buy large amounts of time, Madrid Fly can apply special prices. Madrid Fly reserves the right to amend the bulk time price at any moment.

10.2 For bulk time bookings a cash account can be created and credit added to be used to make bookings.

10.3 An account can be shared by three people maximum. At least one of the three persons must be fitted in the antechamber flight at the time of booking.

10.4 At times of massive purchase no more than 4 customers can participate in the activity (First-Timers).

10.5 Madrid Fly is unable to guarantee rotations when massive purchase. Madrid Fly will endeavor to arrange rotations required for bookings and, if possible, Madrid Fly will provide one minute empty tunnel rotations.