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Advantages of being Pro flyer

If you have accumulated 15 minutes of flight time or if you're a skydiver, this is the page for you.

Pro-flyers benefit from lower prices because the time is sold in blocks of 15 minutes or more. Pro-flyer time can be shared between flyers who don't need to go through the basic class and is usually divided in 2 minute rotations.

Keep in mind that our manifest works with blocks of 30 minutes. We recommend that when flying alone, you don't book more than 15 minutes in each 30-minute slot. We will try our best to provide you with your ideal rotations.

If you need to stay close, have a look at our Accommodation Guide

In order to purchase Pro-Flyer account sign up here.

The following prices apply only to Pro Flyers. These are times without coaching.

For purchases of 1 hour or less: 750 euros per hour.

  • For purchases of 2 hours: 740 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 3 hours: 730 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 4 hours: 720 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 5 hours: 710 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 6 hours: 700 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 7 hours: 690 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 8 hours: 680 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 9 hours: 670 euros / hour
  • For purchases of 10 hours: 660 euros / hour
  • For purchases of over 10 hours: 650 euros / hour

Madrid Fly coaching is 50 euros per hour. All our coaches are certified by tunnel instructor.

These discounted prices apply for individual sales. In future purchases the price discount doesn´t accumulate but it does however remail at the lower price paid.

For aditional information please contact Marino Kalligas at proflyer@madridfly.com