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Escape Room Fox in a Box

About Us

We are one of the first escape rooms to be located in the capital. We opened our first establishment in 2015 in the heart of Madrid, in the popular neighborhood Chueca. Here lie the subterranean galleries constructed in the 1850s that lead you to a Zombie lab and a Bunker from the Cold War.

Later on we opened up the second of our premises, specializing in team building through gamification and coaching. It is located in Cuesta de Santo Domingo and consists of 5 rooms and 3 different themes: The Zodiac Killer, Madrid Central Bank and Prison Break.

Now we present to you our new room, the first one to be located outside the M30: Mr. Fox’s Legacy.

Mr. Fox's Legacy

It is said that Mr. Fox is searching for brave people who want to challenge the secrets hidden in his office. Those lucky enough to reveal all its enigmas and manage to escape, will write their names in this magnate's heritage!

An adventure created for up to 8 players at the same time that lasts for 1 hour (45 minutes of game time and 15 minutes of intro/outro)
Will you be able to overcome the challenge?

Do you accept the challenge?

Birthday Celebration

Come and celebrate your birthday with us and have an unforgettable and special day.

Does it seem like a challenge to plan your child’s birthday party? Don’t worry, challenges are our speciality. Bring your child and their friends to our escape room, the Legacy or Mr Fox, and they will have an unforgettable experience full of mysteries that improve their creativity, memory and reason.

Celebrate your child’s birthday in our escape room, the Legacy of Mr. Fox, and you will give them the gift of intelligent fun! Additionally, they will strengthen the key elements of solving a puzzle: communication and team work!

We take care of everything to make sure it is a real party: fun, food and a special gift for each kid.